• Police Arrangements At Glance

Police Arrangements At Glance


Visual Signs are very IMPORTANT & CRITICAL when it comes to accident prevention! Safety signs and Regulatory Markings help you Prevent injuries and reduce downtime with safety and informational signs that put important information at the point of need to enhance workplace safety, security, productivity & company images.

When you get right down to it, total facility identification simply means communication; Crisp. Concise. Comprehensive. So Nashik Police has installed over 384 informative board and 1,764 signages to meet the needs of your safety and facility identification. When the message is clear, the entire operation runs better. 



Nashik Police has setup barricading to protect the devotees from identified unsafe conditions, whether they are accidental or incidental during their visit to kumbhmela 2015 at nashik. In this process to maintain discipline at Kumbhmela 2015, Nashik Police has identified certain points and have setup security by installing with 4,576 temporary barricades to provide the confidence to all the devotees visiting kumbhmela 2015 at Nashik.


PA Systems

Nashik Police at Kumbhmela 2015 at certain venues has installed PA system to frequently use a dual broadcast setup, projecting the into the devotees, and also into backstage monitors that keep any off-stage personnel informed of what is happening. Nashik Police at Kumbhmela 2015 has installed 1,634 PA system feeding into it, and have appointed dedicated several technicians to operate and maintain it correctly.

Main purpose of Nashik Police to use a PA system during Kumbhmela 2015 bandobast is to broadcast daily announcements about activities, and often let devotees use it to call for their lost ones or announce special events. The device can also function as an emergency warning system. In case of fires, earthquakes or other natural disasters, nashik police with the help of PA system will instruct devotees on where to go and how to respond.



Nashik Police has installed 348 security cameras in various parts of the nashik city for kumbhmela. The cameras will monitor devotees to detect possible anti-social elements in their midst, especially during main events.

There are 103 panoramic cameras, 75 PTZ cameras and 18 ANPR cameras have been installed at vantage points and can focus on a suspect to monitor movements. The cameras have been installed by a company which specializes on electronic security equipment.

Nashik Police had been planning to install cameras as visitors to the kumbmela have increased manifold. A control room with trained police officials has also been set up to monitor these cameras.