• Nashik Introduction

About Nashik

It is well known for the water dams,rugged mountain ranges with large number of forts. Nashik district has 15582 sq. kms geographical area with fifteen talukas as sub administration units, two municipal corporations viz Nashik and Malegaon , One cantonment Board- Deolali. Nashik which is its district Head Quarter is one of the oldest and deeply religious cities of India. Origin of the word Nashik has two interesting features. As one of the story goes in Ramayana, this is the place where Lakshman is said to have cut-off the nose (nasika) of Shurpanakha- sister of Ravana. The other relates to the geographical feature of the town, which is situated on the nine hills of navashikhara (Durga, Ganesh, Chitraghanta, Pandav, DingerAli, Mhasarul, Jogwada, Pathanpura and Konkani).

Nashik was known as ‘Trikantak’ in Kritayuga, as ‘Janasthana’ in Dwaparyuga and later in Kaliyuga it became ‘Navashikh’ or ‘Nashik’. Renowned poets like Valmiki, Kalidas and Bhavabhooti have paid rich tributes to Nashik through their literature. Nashik is believed to be one of the country’s largest market place in 150 B.C. From 1487 A.D., this province came under the rule of Mughals and was then known as ‘Gulshanabad’. It was also home of Emperor Akbar for some period and he has written at length about Nashik in ‘Ein-e-Akbari’.

It is believed that Lord Rama along with Sita and Laxmana spent 14 years of exile at Tapovan in Nashik. After Mughal, Nashik came under Peshwas followed by British rule. In 1862 Nashik Road railway station was built and two years later Nashik Municipality was formed. The territory of Nashik district was formed in 1869, with areas drawn partly from Khandesh district and partly from Ahmadnagar district.

How to Reach Nashik

Nashik is one of the major cities of Maharashtra, which is situated in its northwest region. It lies approximately 180 km from Mumbai and 220 km from Pune. It comes under the Nashik district and serves as its administrative headquarters also. The large number of people who visit Nasik every year, whether for business or for tourism purposes, require the information on how to reach there and what modes of transportation are the best for them. Keeping this mind, we have provided a complete article providing information on the means of getting to Nashik. Scroll down to know about traveling to the city.

By Air

Nashik city does not have an airport of its own. The airport that falls nearest from its periphery is the Chhatrapati Shivaji international Airport of Mumbai. It is approximately 180 km from the Nashik city and is serviced by almost all the national as well as international airlines. The next nearest airport is that of Pune, a domestic one.

By Rail

The railway station at Nashik is counted amongst the major stations on the Central Railway. It is serviced by almost all the express and fast trains that go through the region. Reaching Nasik by rail is not at all difficult, since the railway station is connect with all the key cities of Maharashtra as well as India, through direct trains.

By Road

Nashik is located at a distance of approximately 180 km from Mumbai and 220 km from Pune and is easily accessible by road from both of the cities. You can easily find State Transport as well as private buses for all the cities in Maharashtra and the neighboring states from here. Taxis are also easily available


Nashik district endowed with beautiful landscape is located 19° 35’ and 20° 52’ north latitude and 73° 16’ and 74° 56’ east longitude in the northwestern part of Maharashtra state.